DVS In-house training (Alperton, London)

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Master your DVS instrument

Surface Measurement Systems is offering training courses at our Alperton, London Headquarters. We provide training solutions designed specifically for your Surface Measurement Systems instrument. We have our entire family of instruments on-site for hands-on experience. Also, see the latest hardware and software developments.

This one-day training program for Dynamic Vapor Sorption instruments covers topics ranging from general instrument operation and maintenance to data analysis and experimental method development. The training course covers both basic and advanced topics for current and future users. 

Instruments Training:
Instrument Operation and Maintenance, including Trouble Shooting

This course is aimed at providing comprehensive user training on operating and maintaining your instrument, including how effectively to use the control software. Useful troubleshooting and general advice/tips on experimental setup will also be covered by your expert instructor.

Experiment Training:
Experimental Method Development & Data Analysis
This course explains and guides you through using the Analysis & Control software to develop experimental Methods (e.g. for DVS: dm/dt criteria, sample size, RH profile), including Data Analysis (e.g. for DVS: Isotherm & Hysteresis analysis). Real ‘life’ data examples are used from our database of application notes and case studies to reinforce understanding.

Free under 1-year instrument warranty:
Did you have an SMS instrument installed in the past year? Then this training course is free for 1 member of staff from your team. Simply select 'Yes' when asked about your instrument in the registration form, and we'll take care of the rest.

The benefits of Surface Measurement Systems training:

Surface Measurement Systems Instructors

Our instructors understand your industry and can help you develop the measurements you need to take. They are instrument experts.

Our training is characterized by hands-on experience and interactive class discussion. Courses are balanced between lab and class based interaction. This method of training pays off immediately because SMS courses are geared to real-world situations.

SMS training course delivered away from your lab or office, in an environment conducive to learning. Class sizes are limited, thus maximizing time during training. 

Product and industry specialists, curriculum engineers, writers and instructors develop course materials as a team to ensure effective knowledge transfer.

Generous discounts (typically 20%) on training prices are applicable to Surface Measurement Systems’ clients who hold an annual service/maintenance contract.

Copies of all course materials are provided for helpful future reference. A CD containing all Application Notes will also be provided.

Surface Measurement Systems is a global leader in the designing and manufacturing of sorption and surface material science instruments to meet the needs of your industry. You will get direct training from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Learn more in less time.

Date & Time
20 September 2023
09:00 17:00 Europe/London

Surface Measurement Systems Limited

5 Wharfside, Rosemont Rd
Greater London
United Kingdom
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