Workshop: Materials and their Characterization for Carbon Capture

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Gain Groundbreaking Insights on New Carbon Capture Material Technology

Carbon Capture is fast becoming one of the most vitally important and exciting areas of new materials development. From combating the issue of climate change, to developing new ways of utilizing Carbon for industrial applications, developing materials for Carbon Capture is a central point of consideration for industries around the world.

In this in-depth workshop, our expert speakers will take attendees through a range of groundbreaking new innovations that are providing insights into the Carbon Capture potential of solid materials like never before. Exploring Dynamic Vapor Sorption, Breakthrough Analysis, and exciting new instruments that employ these techniques, the workshop will explore detailed theory and case studies to highlight exciting work that has already been done, and inspire the next step in Carbon Capture.


  • Screening Carbon Capture Sorbents Under Realistic Conditions + Live Q&A
    - Dr. Sean McIntyre, Surface Measurement Systems
  • Challenges in Measuring CO2 Adsorption in Ultradilute, Humid, Conditions, and Why it is so Important + Live Q&A
    - Prof. Mijndert Van Der Spek, Heriot Watt University
  • Carbon Dioxide Capture Using Membrane Technology – From the Bench to Pilot + Live Q&A
    - Prof. Sandra Kentish, University of Melbourne
  • Materials Considerations for the Advancement of Adsorption-based DAC + Live Q&A
    - Prof. Camille Petit, Imperial College London
Date & Time
16 July 2024
10:00 14:30 Europe/London

Imperial College London

Department of Chemical Engineering, Level 3
South Kensington Campus
United Kingdom
--Imperial College London--
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