Carbon Capture Innovation Prize

in association with MOF 2024

Submission Deadline: 17th June 2024

Help shape the future of Carbon Capture

Surface Measurement Systems is happy to invite you to participate in the Carbon Capture Innovation Prize, a groundbreaking contest designed to accelerate the development of sustainable materials solutions to climate change. 

Organized alongside MOF2024, taking place in Singapore on 15 - 19 July, this challenge focuses on the innovative use of a state-of-the-art scientific instrument capable of measuring the capture of carbon dioxide in adsorbent materials, including both direct air capture and flue gas capture.

The winner of this contest will receive – on behalf of their institution - a DVS Carbon instrument completely free of charge with a value of over $150,000, enabling them to advance their research and contribute significantly to the fight against global warming. 

The winning organization of the Carbon Capture Innovation Prize will be awarded an incredible package of experimental lab resources to help make your research dreams a reality.

This incredible Carbon Capture Solution will be built around a groundbreaking gravimetric sorption analyzer capable of measuring uptake of carbon dioxide in solid materials - The DVS Carbon. This groundbreaking new instrument, valued at over $150,000, offers state-of-the-art capabilities for accurately measuring the uptake of CO2 in a solid material at a range of temperatures, concentrations, and in the presence of water vapor.

Whether you are determining the effectiveness of materials for Direct Air Capture, Post-Combustion Capture, Solid Sorbent Characterization, Carbon Sequestration, or Temperature/Moisture Swing, the DVS Carbon is a unique instrument that enables you to pioneer new materials development in Carbon Capture.

In addition, you will be gifted a one-year warranty on the instrument, with additional access to advanced instrument training, application-based scientific resources, and technical support. This will be rounded out with a laboratory computer set up with our Experiment Control & Analysis Software. 

You can find out more about the DVS Carbon below:


Enabling innovation in
Carbon Capture

Surface Measurement Systems launched this challenge to enable researchers to explore and develop new innovations in Carbon Capture with groundbreaking technological advances, developing new materials for Direct Air Capture, Post-Combustion Capture, Solid Sorbents, and more.

The Grand
Scientific Prize

The winning proposal will be awarded, for their institution, a state-of-the-art DVS Carbon sorption analyzer (valued at $150,000), a groundbreaking instrument that precisely measures the Carbon Dioxide capture in solid-state materials at a range of temperatures, concentrations, & in the presence of moisture.

Announced at

The winning proposal and four runner-ups will be showcased in an official award ceremony during the conference program of MOF2024 (taking place 15 - 19 July, Singapore), highlighting your valuable goals to a captive audience of leading materials researchers.

Prize Guidelines

Submit Proposal | Deadline: 17 June 2024

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