Private Course
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Responsible Taylor Yoder
Last Update 07/06/2024
Completion Time 1 day 16 hours 25 minutes
Members 40
    • Determination of BET Specific Surface Area of Hydrate‑Anhydrate Systems Susceptible to Phase Transformation Using iGC
    • MSI concepts for storage stability dehydrated foods
    • Do you like solving puzzles?
    • Dynamic Vapor Sorption in the Hair Care World
    • Effect of impurities on crystallization of a pharmaceutical compound: Lattice incorporated or surface crystal growth inhibition?
    • Evaluating the Barrier Properties of Membranes via Permeation and Sorption Testing
    • Use of Moisture Sorption Isotherms as Part of Determining Pharmaceutical Stability and Packaging
    • Analysis of metal organic framework materials functionalized for the capture of hazardous chemicals
    • Development of methods for vapor adsorption and diffusion characterization in geologic materials under environmental conditions
    • Particle Engineering: Predictive Pathway to Improved Pharmaceutical Products
    • What happens when you ask 24 laboratories to collect water vapor sorption isotherms on matched wood specimens?
    • Advanced Characterization of Solid Sorbents for CO2 Capture: Performance Indicators, Realistic Conditions and Accurate Measurements
    • Advanced membrane analysis solutions for Carbon Capture materials development