Workshop: Characterizing Construction Materials by Vapor Sorption Techniques

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Winfried Malorny (University of Wismar)
Dr. Meishan Guo, Application Scientist & Engineer, Surface Measurement Systems
Dr. Sabiyah Ahmed, Application Scientist, Surface Measurement Systems

Characterizing construction and building materials? Join us for this free online workshop to discover how you can maximize the accuracy and detail of your research using Vapor Sorption Techniques.

Organized in partnership with the University of Applied Sciences in Wismar, this session is a vital resource for any working in the following fields of research:
-Building Materials

What will you learn?
Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS):
1. Measuring the Moisture Sorption Kinetics of Cements using DVS.
2. Measuring BET Surface Areas Using Organic Probe Molecules.
3. Determination of Surface Energetics of Mineral Aggregates Used in Asphalt by DVS.
4. Determination of True Density by Dynamic Vapour Sorption.
5. Characterizing the Restoration Materials for Historic Buildings.

Invert Gas Chromatography (iGC-SEA):
1. An investigation of minerals used in asphalt by inverse gas chromatography.
2. Study of composites – considering steel fibers in cement or concrete as composite

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